Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are essential tools for protecting privacy on the web, as they are widely adopted and used by millions of users as a countermeasure against tracking and data collection. These tools work by blocking or filtering out elements on a webpage that are typically used for tracking or advertising purposes.

However, this can also have the unintended consequence of blocking legitimate analytics tools, such as Proxima Analytics, that are necessary for website owners to understand and improve the user experience.

It's important to note that Proxima Analytics does not track individuals in the same way as Google Analytics or other tools. We have focused on providing site owners with useful, actionable data in a privacy-conscious manner. Proxima Analytics is designed to do web analytics the way it was originally intended, before the widespread adoption of surveillance capitalism as the default business model of the web. By prioritising privacy and ethical data collection, Proxima Analytics aims to offer a better alternative to traditional web analytics tools that may be more focused on tracking and profiling users.

DNT (Do Not Track)

The DNT (Do Not Track) header is a feature of some web browsers that allows users to indicate their preference not to be tracked by websites and online services. When a user enables the DNT setting in their browser, a DNT header is sent along with their HTTP requests to indicate that they do not want to be tracked.

As an open-source, privacy-first analytics tool, Proxima Analytics is committed to respecting the privacy preferences of its users. This includes honouring the DNT header and not tracking users who have enabled the DNT setting in their browser.

It's worth noting that the DNT header is not universally supported by all websites and online services, and it is up to individual companies to decide whether or not to honour it. By choosing to honour the DNT header, Proxima Analytics demonstrates our commitment to user privacy and choice.

You Have an Option

As a site owner, you may feel unfairly caught in the crossfire of the ongoing battle between ad blockers and the advertising industry. You rely on data to understand and improve the user experience, but may be concerned about the privacy implications of traditional analytics tools. That's where Proxima Analytics comes in.

As an open-source, privacy-first analytics tool, Proxima Analytics gives you the choice to track and collect data in a way that respects the privacy of your users. If you prefer not to sacrifice any data, you can use the default Proxima Analytics setup or choose from one of our available integrations. On the other hand, if you are willing to forego some data in the interest of privacy, you can configure Proxima Analytics to honour ad blocker preferences and limit tracking and data collection. Either way, you can have confidence that you are making informed decisions about how to track and analyse your website or app, and that you are doing so in a way that respects the privacy of your users.