Proxima Analytics is out of this world when it comes to integration.! We've worked hard to ensure that our tool plays nicely with a wide range of popular frameworks, apps and tools, including but not limited to Next.js, React, Astro, Vue, Nuxt and Svelte. This way, you can track and analyse user behaviour on your websites like a true Jedi Master, all while maintaining the highest levels of privacy and security.

Whether you're building a website for a galaxy far, far away or just trying to optimise your online presence here on earth, Proxima Analytics has you covered. So why wait? Join us on our journey through the cosmos and start getting the most out of your data today.

Choose a category of your integration and then pick the service you use:

Angular AnalyticsAstro AnalyticsBigCommerce AnalyticsCarrd AnalyticsGhost AnalyticsJavaScript Analytics for Single Page ApplicationsLeadPages AnalyticsNext.js AnalyticsNotion AnalyticsNuxt AnalyticsPotion AnalyticsPreact AnalyticsReact AnalyticsRemix AnalyticsShopify AnalyticsSolid AnalyticsSquarespace AnalyticsSuper AnalyticsSvelte AnalyticsThe Proxima Analytics JavaScript ClientTumblr AnalyticsVue.js AnalyticsWebflow AnalyticsWix AnalyticsWooCommerce AnalyticsWordpress Analytics