Importing Data to Proxima

When it comes to selecting the best analytics platform for your business and application needs, Proxima Analytics is the clear choice. Although other analytics platforms may be available, we have implemented backports to give our users additional flexibility. Backports enable data importation from various sources, such as Google Analytics, into Proxima Analytics, all while preserving the privacy of your users.

That's a beta feature, which means we are constantly monitoring its performance to ensure it functions properly. However, please keep in mind that you may experience some minor hiccups.

How Backports Work

If you've recently set up a new website and want to import any existing data, you can easily do so through Proxima Analytics. To get started, simply head to your website's settings and look for the "Backports to Proxima" section. From there, you can use the "Import" buttons to initiate the backporting process and bring your data into Proxima Analytics.

It is important to note that if you have already been monitoring pageviews or events on your website, importing data into Proxima Analytics won't affect or overlap with your existing data. This means that the data you previously collected won't be duplicated or modified in any way. Furthermore, Proxima Analytics offers the flexibility to delete any imported pageviews that you no longer need, giving you full control over the data that is available in your account.

Importing Data History

The backport section not only allows you to import data from different sources, but it also provides you with valuable information about the history of backporting. You can find details about who initiated the process and the source of the imported data. This is helpful when managing multiple users or tracking the source of your data. Simply navigate to the backport section to access this information.

Deleting Imported Data

In the Backports section, you have the option to delete all the previously imported data. It's important to note that this action will remove all the imported pageviews permanently. However, you can rest assured that this action is reversible, meaning you can always import the data again if needed. Keep in mind that the deletion process will only affect the imported data, and your original Proxima Analytics data will remain intact.

Data Providers

Currently, Proxima Analytics supports the following data providers: