Solid Analytics

Solid.js is a JavaScript framework for building web applications. It is focused on providing a simple, lightweight, and easy-to-use API for building modern web applications. Solid.js is designed to be easy to learn and use, even for developers who are new to web development.

Proxima Analytics can be integrated seamlessly with the `@solidjs/router` package, which is commonly used as a routing solution in web applications built using Solid.js. This combination allows for easy tracking and aggregation of data on website visitors, giving you valuable insights into your website's traffic and engagement.


To implement Proxima analytics monitoring on your Solid application, you will need to add the Proxima monitoring script to your HTML code. This script contains the site ID which you can find in the Site Settings on the Proxima dashboard. You can use the SolidStart meta-framework in order to bootstrap you application and add our script.

import { Suspense } from 'solid-js';
import {
} from 'solid-start';

export default function Root() {
  return (
    <Html lang="en">
        <!-- Your other components -->