Excluding Yourself from Proxima Tracking

If you'd like to prevent your visits from being counted in Proxima Analytics, you can do so by setting a special localStorage flag in your browser. Follow these easy steps to exclude yourself from Proxima tracking:

  1. Visit the website that you want to exclude your visits from.
  2. Open the web console in your browser. This can be done by pressing F12 in Firefox or Chrome.
  3. Once the web console is open, click the "Console" tab.
  4. Paste the following command into the console and hit enter: `localStorage.proxima_ignore=true`

You can then verify that it works by reloading the site multiple times and checking if the total page view number in your Proxima dashboard does not increase. You may also see a message from the Proxima script in the console tab, indicating that it is being ignored.

To re-enable counting of your visits, you simply need to repeat the process and paste the command `delete localStorage.proxima_ignore` in the console tab. This will ensure that your visits are counted in the Proxima dashboard.