Verify Your Proxima Analytics Setup

Once you have added the Proxima Analytics script to the HTML of your website, you can verify that the integration is working correctly by checking for the script's presence on your site. In your Proxima Analytics account, select your website domain name and you should see a "Get Started" prompt, which indicates that we are actively tracking and collecting real-time data on incoming pageviews.

It's important to note that there may be a slight delay in the processing of your website statistics. Although the data is being recorded in real-time, it takes a few seconds to process and display in the stats dashboard. Once the first pageview comes through, you will be automatically directed to the stats dashboard, which features graphs and numerical data.

Some Common Configuration Issues

  1. Ensure that you have added the embed code to all the pages on your site by viewing the source code. Confirm that the code is exactly the same as it appears on the settings page of your site. You can also check the Network to ensure that the script is not in red and that it is showing up on the list.

  2. If you're using SPA or a developer framework, it may be necessary to properly inject the embed code.

  3. If your site uses a Content Security Policy (CSP), make sure to add the script to the list of allowed domains.

  4. Some browser extensions may block Proxima, especially if you're not using a proxy. Make sure to check if any browser extensions are blocking the script.

  5. Surprisingly, you may block your own visits. Make sure that you haven't excluded yourself from being tracked by Proxima.

  6. Some browser extensions may block all third-party JavaScript or even ad-blockers. Check if any extensions you have installed may be blocking Proxima.

  7. If you haven't added the `data-site` parameter, or if it's incorrect, the script may not work. Additionally, if you're trying to track subdomains, make sure to also set up the `data-hostname` parameter.