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About Proxima Analytics

Welcome to Proxima Analytics, a privacy-focused web analytics tool dedicated to empowering businesses with data-driven insights. As an open-source project, we're committed to reducing corporate surveillance and providing an alternative to traditional AdTech solutions.

At Proxima, we believe in the power of independence. That's why we're proudly self-funded and supported by our paying subscribers. And as a legal entity incorporated in Greece, you can trust that we're committed to transparency and ethical business practices.

The Proxima Analytics Cosmos

At Proxima Analytics, we're dedicated to helping businesses grow with data-driven insights while respecting the privacy of their users. We first began development in 2019 and launched our public beta in 2022. Whether you choose to self-host our open-source software on your own server or use our hosted, plug-and-play SaaS solution, you can count on Proxima to be your trusted analytics partner.

We're proud to run a sustainable open-source project that is funded solely by our subscribers. This not only allows us to keep the project going and continue improving the software, but also gives us the opportunity to give back to the environmental causes and open-source projects that we rely on.

Unlike many other analytics tools, we don't make money by collecting and analyzing personal data from web users or selling advertisements. Instead, we rely on the subscription model and charge a fee to keep the project going. When you use Proxima Analytics, you can trust that your website data is 100% owned and controlled by you and is never shared with or sold to any third parties. We're committed to upholding the highest standards of privacy and ethics, and we're grateful to have you as a part of the Proxima community.

Why We Created Proxima Analytics

We believe that privacy on the web is a fundamental human right that should be respected. That's why we founded Proxima to create a privacy-friendly alternative to the popular, yet intrusive, surveillance capitalism web analytics tools that are installed on the majority of websites.

Our goal is to reduce the number of websites and businesses that rely on proprietary, unethical, and privacy-intrusive analytics web analytics products. We want to provide an alternative that is competitive, useful, and actionable, while also respecting the privacy of website visitors.

By choosing Proxima, you can not only gain valuable insights into the performance of your website or business, but also support a more ethical approach to internet marketing. We believe it's time to challenge the status quo and embrace a new way of doing things that prioritizes privacy and ethical practices.

Upwards and Onwards

We know it's time to challenge the status quo and rethink the way we handle data on the web. That's why we've created a privacy-focused web analytics tool that is an alternative to traditional surveillance capitalism solutions. But we know that Proxima Analytics is just one piece of the puzzle.

That's why we're also committed to educating people about the importance of privacy and ethical practices in the online world. We want to empower individuals and businesses to make informed decisions about the tools and technologies they use, and to understand the impact of those choices on their privacy and the privacy of their users.

We believe that together, we can create a more privacy-conscious and ethical internet. Thank you for choosing Proxima Analytics as your data analysis partner and joining us in this mission.